Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hello bloggers!

This girl is still here! I may be away from blogsville but I dey o! Nothing much happening but works been piling up on me....

As per your request for a feedback regarding my last post, here goes: The said lady has left the company! She left unceremoniously and did not even give them a clue until the day she was to leave... she'd told me she was working on going to the UK for her Masters degree and had been refused a visa before (last year) but she tried applying again and was lucky this time around...She came to my office to bid us farewell shortly after the whole shebang and she just 'up and left'- using my supervisors words...by the way, my office is looking for an accountant cos we now realize the importance of having your own staff rather than depending on 1-(wo)man-owned-consulting firms...We basically need someone young, with about 2 years of experience and do not mind someone with a HND...please send your resumes to me at kalabari@gmail.com .......I shall not fail to pass it to to the peeps in charge...

On a personal note, my little girl turned 4 on October 7 so it was yet another reason to thank God...Here's my shout out to my creator "Baba God I thank you O!!! We thank you wellu wellu!"
Secondly, this yer girl here is expecting No. 2 so there you have it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-) - That means I'm excited...lol.....hehehe!
I'm very glad about this but it's not easy coping with driving 2 hours to work and 2 hours back home everyday, work-related stress, and although they say (my sister esp.) no two pregnancies are alike, for me I reckon the first three months are really Uuuugh!!
Anyway, I'm still tryna hide it from my office cos the end of this month makes me 1 year here and here I am fighting for increase in salary for next year bla bla bla...wouldn't do to let on that my productivity next year wouldn't exactly be 100% would it?

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to say hello to all my blogfam and to share my joy! For my peeps who dropped a line asking about my whereabouts thank you for taking out the time to check up on me...I truly appreciate...Now let me do my round of blogville so ya'll will be seeing me at your spaces!

I can't get over the Fray...really, really can't..I'm listening to 'How to save a life' and 'Over my head' like always! I've also been listening to Mark Schultz a lot lately...'He's my son' and 'I am' are two of my fav and a lil T-pain never hurt anybody! I think I've done well considering I only wanted to drap a line or two before......Take care guys...keep well!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wow, it feels like ages since I last came by here...don't blame me too much but it's the usual excuse..I've been swamped with work! LOL...Anyway, this time, it's not really the usual excuse...We moved offices so everything has been crazy for the past week or so...I have to travel further to work now, more traffic, more wahala....anyway. we're settling down in the new place now so it's going to be back to the old swing of things for me soon....

Anyway, I want to blog about something that went down in last week/this week...it was quite an interesting and surprising thing that left a bad taste in my mouth....it relates to a staff of a consulting company that provides accounting support services to my company, their work basically covers preparing our payslips and remitting PAYE to the govt. within the stipulated time, calculating WHT of the suppliers and remitting and generally helping out with our accounting using a software of some sort...but that's not the gist. Well, this staff of theirs was posted to my office and she comes in regularly, in fact she's here three times a week and we've gotten quite friendly over the months.

Now Angela (not real name) confided in me that although they (her colleagues and her) raked in a lot of money for their company, they are very poorly paid and she earns next to nothing. I was surprised to learn the actual amount because I happen to know how much her company gets from my office monthly (though it's based on the number of hours worked, I have a pretty good idea of the average) and thought it sad that she was treated so poorly in terms of remuneration. Anyway, I encouraged her to look for a better job being that she has 5 years of experience as an accountant although she's not Chartered. I took her resume and helped her send it to a few places, and she also passed it around through her other contacts. The idea was to push it around in the hope that she would go for interviews and eventually get a job that would raise her earning power.

Last week, she got a call from a certain "Charles"(not real name) who introduced himself as a staff of XXX Company, asking her to send him her profile and telling her he had heard of her and that he wanted to meet with her for a chat about possible employment with his organisation. She told him she wasn't free during the weekdays, and they fixed an appointment for Saturday, it was planned to be an informal interview... She wondered how he got to know about her and asked him when she met him for his 'chat'. He told her he knew someone who knew her and gave him her contact details and in the course of the meeting/interview, he asked her questions like how much she was earning, and all sorts of interview questions and told her he'd get back to her as soon as....

Well, well, well... on Tuesday this week - she comes to our office three times a week i.e Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and reports at her office on Tuesdays and Thursdays- she went to her office and was surprised that a Management meeting was to be held -and yes, she's supposed to be management with that dirt cheap salary - and she was the subject of the meeting. Her M.D told her she had been found out, and that they all knew she was up to something and so she wanted to leave eh? Turns out the whole interview was stage managed by her Madam and she told me yesterday that she finally understood the meaning of wanting the earth to open up and swallow me.

I wonder why her boss and her colleagues had to go to such measures to find her out...I thought it was very low and then, is there anyone who doesn't wish to change his/her situation for the better? What was her crime? To attend an interview in her spare time.. I just don't know what to make of this but to say I am disappointed is really an understatement. Anyway, that's the gist for today! I'll be back soonest with berra gist..Take care!

Pamelastitch, wassup? How come I cant view your blog? Na wah, I go vex o!

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