Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oi! I know I'm supposed to post up pictures of my Trip but that can surely wait for my next post...this is way more important...I have been tagged by a few of my blogfam and what better time to do it than now?

I am thankful for:

The gift of life....of freedom, of the ability to function well...to be able to breathe, to praise Him, to just be....

God's many blessings upon my family and me; our health, our finances, our relationship with Him, our security, provision, time at work, at school and during our leisure.....

His gift of family and friends....the ones who stay by us through thick and thin to remind us that He is who He is....

His promises that He will finish the good works He has started in my life!

The gift of another life....His angel who he has sent to the world through me...

New beginnings at work....for giving me a double portion as He promised..(He knows...)


My blogfam...believe me, I'm thankful when I know there are people out there who care, regardless of the fact that we are all living in the www...

I'm grateful for far too many things....I just want to end this by saying I am thankful that God is...His blessings are just too many to mention and I'm overwhelmed by them....Thank you my Maker!!!


I'm tagging all my blogfam who have not given thanks yet...for tomorrow 28th November 07, use the header 30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 28....Please don't break the 30 days chain! God bless you!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello my friends...I'm sorry I keep doing this...I was really really due for a break at work and I had to up and leave like that....I got a week off and traveled with my sister and her son, we returned last Wednesday...I was unable to blog before the trip because of work commitments and I appreciate your concern...Thank you!

Anyway, I went to Dubai and had a funtastic (yep, I said funtastic) time... It was nice to hang with her (plus one) for the week and we really really had a swell time...
It started off with my camera getting stolen from my suitcase which was not very good for me, but I bought another and have some pixs and gist to share...will do that in the next post, promise!

Just wanted to say I'm back for good...and thanks, my baby's kicking well by His grace! To my blogfam, thank you!!! I will be doing my blog rounds today so see you at your spots!

1 Love,

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