Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well well well! My first post in my blog! Yipee! I'm listening to Mariah Carey's When I saw you - God, I love her music, especially this album. Its 12 noon on a Tuesday and I'm looking forward to reading the Guardian. All Nigerians mos' definitely know what the Guardian on Tuesday is all about..... Yeah, I have a job, but I'm seeking a better one, as is always the case.

Now, this is something I've always wanted to write about. Yes, you know- Female Drivers. I don't mean women who have the job title - Driver, but the everyday chic driving. Why are a lot of us soooo agressive? We act like someone is tying to take our birth right when they try to get ahead of us...... Last week, there was a nasty hold-up on my way home from work, and I noticed the lane beside me was moving faster than mine, so I decided I had to move over and join the moving train.
I indicated to my left and also stuck out my hand to let the fellow sistah on that lane know that I wanted to get in from of her. Voila! She accelerated so fast, she almost hit me. I had to keep to my lane for the time being.
I eventually suceeded in getting the desired lane, but I kept wondering, "why is it that women tend to be agressive behind the wheels?" I have tried out this changing lanes thingy a couple of times since then, and the result is almost always the same. On the contrary, I most certainly do not drive that way! I almost always make sure to let people(be it male or female) who indicate their desire to get ahead of me get ahead...
Anyway, that's my 2 cents on this first post!

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