Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is going to be the first post about ME!

I turned Twenty something last week (I've been Twenty something for over 5 years now, mind you), and I wondered about my life’s very essence. I mean most of us l have various things lined up in our 'Things I'll do before I hit 30' (or 40 or 50) list, and I worry that I've not been a super-achiever these past few years! My birthday was fraught with worries for some hours, until I decided to make myself happy and turn to the blessings I've got.....

Sometimes we feel so down because we feel we have not attained whatever goal we set for ourselves and we forget all the blessings God has given us in those moments. Rationalizing this thought more closely shows that we measure ourselves against phoney standards, mostly because of where our peers are at.

I want to use this post to remind myself of my success, rather than my failures; my capabilities rather than my inabilities and my blessings rather than my 'hard-luck'. I also want to thank God for being faithful to me against all odds. I may not be the queen of the pack, but I know I’m richly blessed.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone who reads this post and is a believer in Christ no matter how sinful you are: "God always answers your prayers, but sometimes the answer is NO"

I also want to thank God for Manchester United's win against Benfica yesterday... We may not be at the top of the English Premier League, but we may just make it No. 9 this year!

All you United haters, get a life!!


Calabar Gal said...
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Calabar Gal said...

We may be down right now,
but we're not out yet.

Nyemoni said...

Hehehe!! Good for you! You are the first hotspurs fan I've e-met! lol
Keep it real mate!


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