Saturday, October 14, 2006

For the past 4 + years, I had been driving an Auto(matic gear) car and driving was pure bliss, infact it used to be a way of release for me. I actually went to driving school in early 2001, where I used a manual (stick) beat-up volkswagen beetle in my attempt to learn the art of driving in Lagos. I did not even complete the course. Well, what happened was I went for 5 days out of the 10 days course and since I could already move the car, I felt I was good to go.

I got my first car a few months later and it had an Automatic gear so I promptly forgot everything about my fiends, "the clutch" and "the gear stick" I was living the life!!! I felt, driving is way too easy! and I thought that was all there was to it.

Fast forward 5 years later. My S.O and I decide it's time to get yours truly a new care and we decide on this cute thing. For a manual of the same car, it's say Naira x and for an automatic gear it's Naira x + some. The price difference is actually over a Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira more, so we decide to do the Economy thing and get the cheaper one. Then came the challenge. How was I, a die hard Auto driver going to make the switch to a manual car? As usual with me I psyched myself "if some 16 year old kid can do it, so can I!" (same thing I thought through pregnancy and delivery btw)

There I was a few days later, a 5 year old driver turned Learner (I didn't put up the big L sign, mind you) struggling on the streets of Lagos to get to work and back home. It's like learning how to run without first walking. Oh how may times I forgot to clutch down or change to a higher gear! Anyway, all that is past me... I am now a fully certified Class B driver -According to my drivers' license!

My next challenge will be learning how to swim... How on earth did I, a girl born and brought up in the Niger-Delta miss learning that throughout my youth?? Phew!


Calabar Gal said...

He he he!! Good for you!! Back to driving school to complete ur course, it is for you!!

I on the other hand am useless when it comes to an automatic car. I had to drive my sister's automatic car recently and see me doing break dance with the car looking for the clutch!! (smile)

Make sure you have some more lessons before you hit the road oh!! Wouldnt want you bashing our new car!! Congratulations Babe!!

Nyemoni said...

Thanks calabar gal!!! lol! I think the lessons are over I have completed the course! I have been driving solo for the past 2 weeks and no scratch!! I give God the Glory!!

You can't drive without a stick?? Lol! I bet it's too easy for you!
take care gal!

TaureanMinx said...

It was worse for me, I only had a few lessons with a manual car in london (ie on the wrong side of the road with the instructor having his own clutch and the works on his side of the car he used to clutch for me and there I was thinking i was an expert.) I got back and learned again with my mums automatic for a while, then was given a manual car by my aunt who was leaving the country. Sometimes I would sit in frustration on the slope of a hill and just stare while irate drivers gave me the waka sign. Clutching was not easy to learn after learning the lazy way.

Nyemoni said...

You bet it would be hard to drive in London! Everything is on the reverse. I tell you clutching is not easy to learn after learning the lazy way! I would advise everyone henceforth to learn how to drive a manual car first. Waka!! I got that a lot and eventually learned to dish it out too;-)

Calabar Gal said...

@taureanminx: LOL!!! I guess that drivers would do to me in anautomatic car too. I keep on mistaking the brake for the clutch. Didnt dare drive out of their estate. I would ahve gotten more than *waka* from thos eirate drivers. lol.

azuka said...

Lol at waka :-D.

I still can't drive, unfortunately, despite the fact that my friend has two cars ad has offered to teach me.

Well, nothing wrong with not knowing how to swim. I can't either. I'd only be ashamed I don't know how to swim if I were Ijaw. Are you?


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