Friday, July 13, 2007

"The superstitious man is to the rogue what the slave is to the tyrant." -Voltaire

They say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.... True, for people who believe in superstition but I don't belong to that category of people. I however want to blog about Friday the 13th and also list some superstitious beliefs I've heard....

Friday the 13th
As we all know, the 13th of any month which falls on a Friday is considered Friday the 13th. The number 13 is considered an unlucky number and Friday is considered an unlucky day, I think this has a lot to do with Friday the 13th theory, i.e. two unlucky factors...The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

Other superstitious beliefs

- The number 13 is unlucky. 12a is sometimes used as a substitute and some buildings skip floor 13 completely. Other superstitious beliefs related to the number 13 are:
More than 80 percent of high-rises lack a 13th floor.
Many airports skip the 13th gate.
Airplanes have no 13th aisle.
Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.
Italians omit the number 13 from their national lottery.
On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12
and a half.
Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue
- Breaking a mirror will result in 7 years of bad luck.
- The numbers 7 and 9 are "lucky."
- It will bring you bad luck if you step on the cracks in a sidewalk.
- Expectant mother should throw salt three times behind herself shortly before her 'Due Date'
to ease her labour
- Placing a hat on a table is bad luck.
- In the United States, many people believe that two-dollar bill brings bad luck. Gamblers
sometimes call it a "deuce", a term for two which also means "devil."
- Black cats are generally considered unlucky; when a black cat crosses one's path, something
bad will happen
- Wearing clothes/ Underwear inside out brings good luck
- A penny is found heads up, it will grant good luck, however, tails up will grant bad luck.
- If one walks underneath an open ladder it brings bad luck.
- It is considered bad luck to open an Umbrella indoors.
- If your right eye twitches you will soon have good luck. If the left eye twitches the reverse
- To drop a fork means a man is coming to visit.
- If the palm of your right hand itches it means you will soon be getting money.
- If the palm of your left hand itches it means you will soon be paying out money.
- A mirror should be covered during a thunderstorm because it attracts lightning.
- All wishes on shooting stars come true. (Star light, star bright First star I see tonight, I wish I
may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight)
- Knock three times on wood after mentioning good fortune so evil spirits won't ruin it.
- If you make a wish while throwing a coin into a well or fountain, the wish will come true.
- For a lucky bride: Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a
lucky sixpence In her shoe.

Do share the superstitious beliefs you've heard, whether you believe them or not!



Anonymous said...

am i 1st!!!!!!!!!!!1yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

i don beleieve in all those superstitious stuff too..friday the 13th.but abt the lucky 7.7.7 day too nko?i think it is also superstitious

azuka said...

So how many of these do you believe?

classybabe said...

I can be superstitious oh,like i don't walk under an open ladder

Some other superstitions/myths
-If the bottom of your right foot itches, you are going to take a trip.
-If your nose itches you will soon be kissed by a fool.
-If you drop scissors, it means your lover is being unfaithful to you.
-It's bad luck to leave shoes upside down.

Omodudu said...

I am not superstitious at all.

ibiluv said...

dont believe in it
the michelin blog?hilarious
thanks for dropping by my blog

laspapi said...

I enjoyed the read immensely, 'moni.

They say Friday the 13th was first considered unlucky because it was the day a certain European King had all the Knight Templars killed. They were accused of devil worship, but there were suspicions the King was only after their fabulous wealth.

Your favourite wrestling move is the clothesline? You have a mean streak, 'moni.

catwalq said...



Calabar Gal said...

I noticed today was friday the 13th and I've been a little bit down......

I remember what they used to say at home that you have to keep all the 'twin platain' behind you to peel it if not, you'll give birth from the 'back'. Yeah Right! LOL!!

...toyintomato said... not superstitious at all. my mothers fault, 2 much education in my family. she believes , with knowledge you gain wisdom,everything can always be explained away

..."Friday and 13 are both sacred to the Norse goddess Freyja, so Friday 13th was especially sacred. Christians who wished to suppress her worship said the day was unlucky" kappish!

LurLar said...

I think it's all in d head jare....777 was supposed to be a perfect number nd perfect day,nd seriously it was one of worst wedding i have ever attended in my life. The pregnancy one......i know there is something about the preganant pple not walking in dark or when there is bright sunshine.

Ugo Daniels said...

I'm too way front to be! I just don't like somethings, has nothing to do with supersitions or mindset/beliefe

fluffycutething said...

I hear if you beat a little boy with a broom, his PP will shrink..... (lol)

יש (Yosh) said...

yeeee, I learned some new stuff sha! :D Whether or not I choose to believe them...


nooo wonderrrr
i was wondering why i had a shitty day in ibadan. i dont believe in superstitions ooo but this friday the 13th was bad ooo. too much rain, hell of a traffic and running stomach from one kain food wey i eat

princess said...

My parents believe that 'wearing ur clothes inside out(not deliberately tho) brings goodluck and we all grew up believing dat too. Funny enough it works O!
Anytime i wear my clothes inside out mistakenly, someone usually dashes me money or does a favour for me the next day.
That doesnt mean y'all should go wearing ur clothes inside out,It only works when its not deliberate.

La Reine said...

I thought Friday the 13th was labled an unlucky day because some people were massacered on that day, way back in the day.

As for wearing underwear inside out, aint that just nasty?

I've read you shouldn't put your bed in the center of your room, that you should at least one side rest on a wall, that's so a spell the kill you cant be cast. (The witch would have to walk around your bed three times among other things)
Throwing spilled salt wards off the evil eye.
Stepping in a crack breaks your mothers back.
Mirrors can reflect one's true self-like if a person is possessed.

Yeah, I don't believe in any of them, but I've read enough about 'em just cause they're so silly at times.

TaureanMinx said...

Hey tried to call you...but some other lady picked up....

femme said...

another version of the origin of this is The last supper- jesus and his 12 disciples, so many people think its bad luck to sit at a table With 12 others

Boso said...

I was convinced I was going to win the lottery on Friday the 13th. And I did. £7.30 on the Euro lottery. YAY !!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations !!

regard from Catalonia - Spain
please visit blog
thank you

Babawilly said...

Superstitions can be crippling.Anxiety provoking and stress invoking. Friday 13th is a good day. As good as the others

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

My dad didnt want my trad marriage on the 13th cos he feels the date 13th is generally bad.

Also i heard if u sweep at night, u sweep away ur riches, dunno if that includes vacumming (is that the word). I dont believe any way!

Baroque said...

i'm not very superstitous but i like to respect selected territorial beliefs, depending on the familiarity with the area
- dont whistle at night - dont shout peoples names out at night - wearing rumple clothes or inside out; dog go bite you (says my mother)...but i'll definitely walk under ladders...NO WEAPON!

pamelastitch said...

Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.

Pls, participate.


snazzy said...

well i hear that a hat on the bed before a journey will result in bad things on the journey. I had heard laspapi's version of the friday the 13th story but not the norse version, or the last supper version. anyhow laters.


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