Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy new year people!
I know I promised to post pictures I took while in Dubai Eons ago...pls forgive my late posting (as usual). Anyway, better late than never abi? Enjoy! (or not!)

Dubai through my eyes...............

1. Sign outside the Dubai Museum -Al-Fahidi Fort (can you see the spelling error? lol!) The Al-Fahidi Fort is thought to be the oldest building in Dubai and is so named because the fort was used to defend the town from warlike neighbouring has also been used as a jail, the ruler's residence, a store for ammunition
2. Entrance of the Al-Fahidi Fort
3. One of the photographs in museum showing Dubai's urban expansion between 1960 and 1980

4, 5 and 6 are replicas of the famous Al Abras (ferry boats) used for transporting passengers across Dubai's river creek. Pixs taken in the Museum as well...

7. More literature regarding Dubai's urban expansion
8 -13 show pictures which were taken at a water front during a tour of Dubai...

14-16 are pictures of the Jumeirah Mosque
Pictures 17-19 show the The Burj Al Arab, the famous 7 star hotel in Dubai. It is rated as one of the world's finest hotels and is designed to resemble a billowing sail..with an impressive height of over 300 metres, it is surely a sight to behold.

Pictures 20 - 24 are random pictures taken whilst in a moving car...They show random town houses and estates

Picture 25 was taken in the indoor ski slope (Ski Dubai) at the mall of the emirates, currently the largest shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates.
The last pix is yours truly...taken at the Museum....
Hope the pixs don't bore you too much...most of the good pictures have me in them and I really am not yet ready to 'out' myself...
Here's wishing you all a happy new year...I hope all your wishes come true this year...God bless!
1 love,


Anonymous said...

Very impressive.Did u get all these facts from the Tour guide????
Dont think so cos I sat right next to uu....Uhmmm girl good job! lol
Nice though. God bless u in this new yr. Much love moi

Nyemoni said...

LOL...She said quite a lot! You didn't hear cos you were too busy with your little 'un...I heard it all though...forgotten I was taking down notes? ;-) Hehehehehe!
God bless you o! May He grant us unwarranted favor this year and heal us where it hurts the most amen!

Anonymous said...

Olowun Ase!!!! Amien

pamelastitch said...




Oya, pictures that have food in them pls....:-)

That building that looks like a sail is so beautiful. :-)

So what are your impressions of dubai? Will you go back to visit? What should visitors keep in mind? Abeg...ehn..I am waiting for proper gist.

30+ said...

Bored of pictures no way o.

So yes like Pami said, what are the tips you have. Which area is best to stay with good hotels that won't break bank. Did you buy some bling bling, where do they sell them.

Sorry I have many questions.

We were supposed to go there for Christmas but ticket for each person was like £1k, shuo after flight nko we no go eat abi that's why I vamoose go LA ticket £0.5k.

Anyway I plan to go later this year when the season is low i.e. cheap tickets.


Nyemoni said...

LOL @ Pam and 30+...I better reply before the comments overwhelm me...

I stayed in a hotel called the London Creek Hotel at Bur Dubai...believe me when I tell you I have no clue about the cost as per my sisters hubby arranged the trip on our behalf through Arabian Adventures. I gave him some money and he did the whole Ticket, visa, hotel, pick up and drop off at the airport. I do not think the hotel was too expensive though. The thing that took most of my money was the 'bling' and the transport. LOL! The rate of conversion then (Nov) was $1 to 3.6 Dirhams and things are fair in price..
I will certainly go back to visit because it's a nice place...on our tour of Dubai, we were told that the population of Dubai is 80% foreigners and 20% Locals..
The place is very secure and you can go out at any time..The best place to buy gold is at the new gold souk (gold market) It will be useful to ask around from Nigerians (there are lots and lots of us at the souk and we know ourselves when we see ;-)) the going rate of gold so you have an idea of the price. It's advisable to keep your self covered when in the souk but at the malls and other places it's ok to dress as you wish and note that the locals do not like people taking pictures of their women! Pictures of food? I was in the early stages of my pregnancy then so food put me off then so sorry, I have no pixs of food! LOL!

Nyemoni said...

One more thing: Practally all Business activities (malls, markets, offices) close at 11am every Friday as per it's an Islamic Country and Friday's their day of worship. They reopen shop after thir afternoon prayers, i.e. as from 4pm though and the markets stay open till well after midnight...

Isi said...

nyemoni dear, how now?
howz baby kicking?!
happy new year and may this year bring us lots of joy and peace!

nice pix!

darkelcee said...

hallo dear!

happy new year.

Lol @ 30+ sis, you still dey look for cheap tickets?

Well you sure did have fun. Hope u didnt stress your self too much sha?

Hope Baby is kicking?


darkelcee said...

0ops any bling for sale?


Afrobabe said...

Common out yourself like you had fun...where is all the gold you got?

Jinta said...

welcome back. glad you had a nice time. I beg, 'out' yourself now

Jotees said...

Shoot! YOu beat me to it! Dubai is definitely on my list of To-do's this year. Lovely pics!

KreativeMix said...

great pics!! I'm NEVER bored when staring at pics of fabulous and exotic lands far far away. LOL!!!!

Calabar Gal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calabar Gal said...

Yes OH! I'm inspired. Dubai is certainly on my "To Do" list for this year. LOL!!

Happy New Year Nyemoni.

rethots said...

Apparently, Dubai's the future of tomorrow.


u groove oo
u really enjoyed ur holidays

Onome said...

heeyyyyy....she's baaaacckkk!!!
Happy New Year!!! lovely place..I plan to visit der soon by God's Grace..u've suceeded in strengthening my resolve(lol) u be d sweetie in jeans??:D

laspapi said...

'moni, hope this new year is beautiful for you and the family.

Jinta, Nyemoni 'outed' for me during the "Season Of Soyinka"

Zephi said...

nye, i have missed u..happy new glad u had fun in dubai

Nonesuch said...

welcome back

stuck in my throat o said...

FINALLY!!me sef don update.

Arewa said...

Havent been to Dubai but i have been told its such a lovely place.
i see u did the touristy thing taking pictures all over the
is that a lil bump i see in the last pic signs of

pink gloves said...

nice Dubai pix. I have lived in Dubai for a bit, and i dont have that many pix. lol.
For the travellers, stay away from New Dubai- Marina, Jumeirah, SHeik Zayed road and even Maktoum if you are looking for cheaper hotels. The cheapest are the boutique hotels in Deira or Al qusais. we are tlaking about $70 per night.
Good luck with your trip.

Oracle said...

It would be very inappropriate to say HAPPY NEW YEAR now.
I guess i have to do the inappropriate.
Happy New year.


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