Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm currently reading Flowers in the Blood, by Gay Courter.
It's set in Calcutta and is primarily about the Jews of Calcutta, India.

The book is set in the late 19th century and the name 'Flowers' refers to the flower, poppy from which opium is derived.. The part of the title ' the blood' refers to the fact that the main Character Dinah had opium in her blood, but that is not to say that she partook of the ills of opium. It merely alludes to the fact that she was born into a family of Opium Traders.

The book began with the 6 year old Dinah's mother being murdered at their home by her lover and Dinah having to live with the stigma of having had an adulterous, opium addicted mother murdered.... the result was an introspective, intelligent girl who had the clout to fight her personal battles both within and outside her family..

As a result, she had no proposals for marriage when she was well past the marriageable age despite the fact that she had a huge dowry and had her '1st crush' stolen by her aunt for her daughter...what results is anyone’s' guess.

I advise anyone who has a passion for drama, a good story line and interest in learning a 'lil bit more about the Jewish religion to read this book. My mum actually sent this book to me so here's a toast to my mother Daba, 'I wish you many years of laughter, more grand-children to look after and more blessings than you ever imagined!" Thanks Mum, you're the best.. Mwah!


Calabar Gal said...

You seem to have a passion for novels Nyemoni. I used to do a lot of reading on the tube (newspapers and novels) while travelling to work but nowadays, never seem to have the time to read novels anymore just the newspapers.

Its that age old excuse - Time, Time, Time!!

azuka said...

I would have passed it up but seeing the word 'Jewish' made me stop. This is definitely a must-read for me. I've only read a few Leon Uris but I daresay what little of the Jewish culture I've come to see, I've liked.

Nyemoni said...

@ Calabargirl, seriously, it's my passion... I don't let any amount of work keep me from reading 'em. I have a book with me 2-4-7.

@Azuka, Never read a Leon Uris but maybe I'll check him out!

Uzo said...

I will find this book somehow. I am an avid readeer as well

Nyemoni said...
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Nyemoni said...

Ok Uzo, I hope you find it.. if you don't, mail me!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fantastic book... I used to read a lot.. like a novel or two a day... but then i stopped... maybe I will start over again... and if i do.. i'll definitely look out for this one... in the meantime.. I hope you're alright luv

4wardnfiaca said...

madam, thanks for stopping by o.
nice blogs my sista

April said...

The story sounds very interesting. Sadly, like Calabar gal, I just don't seem to be able to find the time for novels these days.

Nyemoni said...

@ ONB.. You should start again....Serious.

Thanks 4wardnfiaca!

@ April.. Try, try try.. just try to make the time girl!

pamelastitch said...

another book to put on my list....

thank you,


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