Monday, April 02, 2007

OK Fellas!! How was your weekend? HAPPY APRIL!!!!!!! The Top 10 of Idols West Africa performed yesterday..... The show was generally OK. It started of a bit slow, but picked off from about the middle of the show.
First a pix of the Top 10!

We heard songs from Temitayo, Mercy, Jerrylin, Joan, Omodele, Uche, Timi, Jodie, Eric and Omawumi, in that order. The songs they sang are as follows:

‘River Deep, Mountain High’ by Tina Turner (Temitayo)
‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston (Mercy)
‘Unbreak My Heart’ by Toni Braxton (Jerrilyn)
‘Save The Best for the Last’ by Vanessa Williams (Joan)
‘Here and Now’ by Luther Vandross (Omodele)
‘Used to Love You’ by John Legend (Uche)
‘Dance With My Father’ by Luther Vandross (Timi)
‘Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin (Jodie)
‘End of the Road’ by Boyz II Men (Eric)
‘Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston (Omawumi)

My take:

I was generally impressed by Uche, Timi, Jodie, Eric and Omawumi. Suprisingly, they were the last 5 to perform. Uche impressed me because he gave a nice upbeat perfomance and I was one of those who did not believe in him from the very first. Well, lets' just say he made me believe in him. For Timi and Omawumi, I expected what i got from them and was not so surprised they did well... Good job! As for Eric, I know this guy has the looks and he can sing but I felt he knew what he was there for and he took his perfomance up a notch.... as for Jodie... That girl is dynamite! She can do her thing and do it well!

Now for the first half of the group Temitayo, Mercy, Jerrylin, Joan and Omodele - I would not say that they did not do well, but I think they could do better. Joan for one could easily be the last (wo)man standing but i felt she did not sing her heart out... the judges also told her the same. I hope she remains to prove her onions... Temitayo as usul gave a good perfomance Tina style, but as we all know, that kinda perfomance can take away your breath! Omodele sand in this nice husky voice; she didn'tr stsrt off too well, but picked up later and was generally ok, Jerrilyn was ok as well and Mercy had this look on her face like she was concentrating too much on getting her voice and forgetting to give a good perfomance! I think she doesn't carry herself too well, shes abt 6 ft 3 and she doesn't have the carriage i would have liked to see.

Overall, I would say whoever their clothiers are need to do better cos they were all similarly dressed, i.e same general style of strappy sandals and dresses and the make-up is like an attempt to make the gals all look the same... dem dey try sha o!

Tonight, there'll be news as per who's out... I'll be back with the results tomorrow then... meanwhile, i wish the Top 10 all the best of luck... Vote, vote, vote ppl! Ciao!



ijeoma obu iheoma said...

girl you are really into this idol thing
lol@ at thier outfit analysis..

April said...

Who needs to watch WA Idol when we have Nyemoni to give us the running commentary?! Lol!

Thanks for the update girl. Good luck to the top 10. Looking forward to reading your take on tonight's results.

chioma said...

I agree with april good work girl...and girl why havent u been to my blog? ...see ya.

Waffarian said...

I have not yet watched the perfomances, I am going to do so and then come back and tell you what I think! Thanks for the update!


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