Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey Guys,

It's been such a long minute.... and it's not just about the strike... Yeah, the strike has taken it's toll on me but it's not just the strike... it's something in the air.... like the world has come to a standstill... but then I know the world's not at a standstill.....but what with No Power supply, No fuel for my car or generator and to top it all, I went to the market today and things were three times the usual price! I'm not talking about tinned food or cleaning items, I'm talking about the kind of food I like to eat- Plantains, Yams, goat meat, etc... Plantain was sold at 400 Naira for four fingers.... Oranges were 25o Naira for a dozen, everything was so expensive and when you complained, they went... "no be me do o! Na fuel cause am... transport wey I carry come market today...." Na wah o! Nigeria na wah...

I asked a friend who is coming from obodoyibo to buy me a pair of these slippers below...

I had them when I was younger, and they were so comfy... I kept reminding her to buy them and she was like "no be dat skoll? No worry now, I go buy am" And I remembered that I used to call them skolls as a child.... in fact everyone in my family used to call them that. I realized that we found a way of twisting the name Dr. Scholl around to suit us and the name skoll was formed, and it was not just us, everyone around was calling them skolls. I printed out a copy of the lovelies and took them home to my hubby and asked him if he had seen those around in the late '80's and he went.... those are skolls now, my mum and sisters used to have them then! lol...

It got me thinking of other names Nigerians had reinvented..... I have a few lined up for you....

Real Name..........Nigerian version
Slides..............................Jangulova (Ekpu Motor)
Bottle cork.....................Counter
briefs..............................Soccer pant
rouge..............................rosy cheeks
Clean shaven head.......Gorimapa
albino..............................opulo pulo
the words
move over......................dress or shift
the day after tomorrow..... next tomorrow

LOL....there are so many others... I just can't think...feel free to remind me! I just needed to put my thoughts down for some comic relief....

Songs I'm feeling
I wanna have your babies - Natasha Bedingfield
Lil Star - Kelis ft. Cee-lo
Who knew- P!nk
Break it off- Sean Paul and Rihanna
Buy you a drank- Tpayne
Lost one -Jay Z

This is all for the weekend guys..... stay safe y'all.... have fun!



Omodudu said...

see saw.... jangurova

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Hi there:

Many thanks for stopping. Got your message via email and this is my way of responding. In response to your question as to where I am, I would say am at Abuja. And you, where are you?

Nice post however! I remember the scholls era, and I think the men wore it too! Did you know men wore sholls at that time?

On the subject of "dress or shift" lol...What about when people say am 'ready already"? It just makes me lmao...or when they say they can "hear" the smell of an after shave or the rain is "falling"...

I love naija to bits. Hope you have a great weekend too and may God continue to bless you.

I am hoping to be back actively in blogsville pretty soon.

Believer said...

Ha, ha nyemoni, great post as always. Made me remember the good old days, i remember one day at uni, i was having a conversation with some folks (they were not Nigerian) i can't remember what we were talking about but i ended it with abi? See confusion, i was just laughing no amount of London can take away the naija in me. Have a blessed weekend.

Nilla said...

The strike is taking a toll on everyone...the only advantage of the strike right now for me is that traffic is much lighter on the roads now.

RE: your comment on the NDS

LOL...your blog name does not have to start with N.
Those names on the side of the blog that happen to start with N are linkers (and no we did not plan it that As linkers we just link blogs that are interested in hosting the Nigeria discussion series.

To be part of it, just pick a friday that your interested in hosting the series (you can talk about anything/issue that is nigeria related), that has not already been picked by another blogger here.

Sorry for the late response.

exschoolnerd said...

I wanna have your babies - Natasha brother thinks the song is retarded..but i dont its sweet..i can relate.

Lil Star - Kelis ft. Cee-lo
Who knew- P!nk

Buy you a drank- Tpayne*fav song of the year...well yet...who knows might listen to some other song later that i like more than this)

Lost one -Jay Z

am feeling most of the songs ur feeling..

aww u like pink?

~Mimi~ said...


jangurova, lollll

how are you sister??

i like most of your songs except i wanna have your babies and the Jay Z track.

Jaja said...

Scholls!! my mum had a couple... dangerous weapon to be threatened with...
scolls were a threat to our skulls!

I’ m uncertain how you will take this, but I expect that you have fun with it. I have tagged you. Info on my blog

classybabe said...

I am loving T-pain's buy you a drank,i don't usually like kelis' songs but i love lil star.
I don't know why but whenever i hear someone use fade i just have to laugh-e.g my friend fade from

IJEOMA said...

hope you had a good weekend.. girl,

the shaved head bit..Goripampa its one thing that has always made me laugh.. whenever ihear it....

i too like that Kelis song.. Shes very different

BlogVille Idols said...

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BlogVille Idols said...

the voting problem on our page as been pls go back n vote....Tanx..God bless

Uzo said...

We came out of the strike unscathed...I remember Dr Scholls slippers...R they still as comfortable as i remember?

TaureanMinx said...

Hey Moni, how are you??? We should meet up when I come home :).

I have one I have one lollllllll
A mans dingalings-Jhonny lollllllllllll

princess said...

I ope now they have reduced VAT and the price of fuel, the market people sef go reduce their prices o! but u know naija na the only place wey law of gravity no dey work-"What goes up, never comes down". Now, Scholls are real classic!
High Heeled shoes- Koi Koi.
Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

lmao@jangulova(thought it was swings).. ur hilarious.. writing jagajaga.. gorimapa.. i still say that till today.. i never heard opulo pulo b4 though

i love that buy you a drank song.. as do all my friends.. ive been listening to a lot of kt tunstall and that new neyo song.. do you wonder or something...
Taureanminx ... YOU ARE A WEIRDO... laughing at your own jokes.. lol

SET said...


Confused Naija Girl said...

LMAO !! i hope te strike is ova now sha.
next tommorow is my favorite

pamelastitch said...

this your long weekends sef..i get as i be??

stuck in my throat o said...

you know GORIMAPA will always be in vogue just like SKOLLS. I love naija slangs o...My PIKINS must be Naija to the core.

Manda said...

My sista, i hot it was just me dat had d market wahala o! that ur skoll is lovely, i like pink! and i got the white of it! it has been a while since i rode on a jangulover o! i miss all those jare. Nice blog!

Vera Ikeji said...

Hey Nyemoni. I am here now. I was away on vacation, returned today. Thanks for keeping in touch. I appreciate it. Will update on my page ASAP.

BlogVille Idols said...

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~Mimi~ said...

SISTER VOTE FOR ME OH!!! and update its another weekend now already. lol.

boorish male said...

that was too funny

Copido said...

got me reminiscing scholls....I've got a picture of my mum wearing one. I hate
Re: Price Hike, Trust Nigerian traders, they look for EVERY opportunity to exploit.

Wetin? - What?

The shopaholic. said...

I would think Rouge= Pancake
Platforms= Akpola

How you been girl?

יש (Yosh) said...

You know, I just spent some time looking closely at your avatar and I found myself "excited" by the limbs of the female...weird, u might say, but I imagined that on someone...damn!

Enjoy your weekend

chidi said...

LOL at the list. There are a few more but i can't remember at the mo.
PS-does anyone know what happened to Vera Ikeji???

BlogVille Idols said...


Beyond said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, really apprecite it. Nice post, reminds me of the good old days. tho i didn't use scholls but my mum and sis did.

Tpain~ "buy you a drink" is one of my hottest joints now, am really loving it.

I heard they called off the strike today, so i hope things should be better before the week runs out.


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