Monday, March 12, 2007

Hi everyone, what's poppin? The second group of the Idols performed yesterday and I'm here with my take on how the show went down.. Mind you, this is all my opinion so please - no judgement o!

The first performer was Eric from the Abuja auditions. He is originally from Delta State and he has the looks of an idol, definitely has a voice but his performance - Using someone's words- didn't quite do it for me. He sang 'Angels' by Robbie Williams. I have seen one or two people performing in the Idols WA who I think will give him a run for his money. I think he's good, but not quite the idol. I am not willing to place a bet on whether or not he would make the next round.

The second performance was by Oluwadolapo from Oyo State. She's popularly known as duracell bunny by her fellow contestants 'cos they say she has a lotta energy. She has strange looks, and she's what I call 'beautiful in a different way'... She sang 'I Swear' by All 4 One. Her performance I'm sorry to say, was bad. She was hoarse and really had no voice control.. I think it was the nerves cos I saw her do better in her Auditions. I am quite willing to bet that this is the end of the road for her.

Oge's was the third performance. She's this sassy chick from Delta State and she was easy on the eyes, and generally gave a nice performance. She sang 'Crush' by Jennifer Paige, which I thought was a mistake 'cos I think quite a lot of the voters do not know the song and as a result would not be able to gauge how well or how poorly she interpreted the song...For me though, she did quite well as that song is not an easy one to interprete. As for making the top 10, I really cannot tell 100% for this group cos there will be a lot of sentimental reasons for the voters to vote. I would give her a chance though.

The best performance last night for me was by a young man by the name Jarry. He hails from Liberia and currently resides in Ghana. He had such a sweet, sweet voice and his performance was just Awesome! He sang 'Foolish Games' by Jewel and he did justice to the song as far as I am concerned.. I guarantee he has a spot in the top 10.

Next, we had David from Rivers State who sang 'Change the World' by Eric Clapton. His performance was Ok, and I think he has the ability in him to give more... He sang in a happy-go-lucky kind of way and I felt he took things too much for granted. It's 50-50 for me whether or not he would go beyond this stage, but I would vote him on account of the fact that I think he has a lotta potential.

The last performance was by dynamite Jerrilyn from Liberia. Her story is a unique one of war, family displacement and finding her mother after years of her mum searching for her. She sang the popular hit 'Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith. She really has a voice but I did not particularly feel her... I think in this round, there'll be a lot of sentimental voting so I'm going to step aside and watch how the voting swings... One thing for sure though... I'll be back with the results tomorrow.

On a general note, I'll say this group performed O.k. but if you take last weeks' group of 6 into consideration.... that's a whole different thing 'cos that group set a standard that is yet to be beaten..

You can read more about the auditions and cast your vote for your fave contestant(s) here!
You may watch clips of yesterdays' show here!

On another note... Our brothers and neighbours Ghana are celebrating 50 years of independence! Wow, I really did not know they are this old! Good going guys! Akwaaba!


Uzo said...

You are an avid watcher like me. I think the 2 Liberians have this round....

God's child said...

Kai I'm surprised to see Eric made it, he has the looks but I know the females voted him in, his voice wont win him the competition but the bobo is great on the eyes no doubt. Maybe if Jarry had his looks he would have made it in abi?

Also saw your post on Naija wife's blog and this is what I posted in response to you teaching your daughter a Naija language.

@nyemoni, your 3yr old is still very young and the time is now. Very soon you'll be having her speak kalabari so fluently, your husband will be jealous and will run and teach her Esan! Start incorporating it when you talk to her gradually. Instead of saying "come here" say it in Kalabari. Tell her its your secret language with her, so daddy wont understand. She'll love that. Then get her to tal to you in that secret language...make it a game!

Nyemoni said...

@ Uzo, Yes I am! I thought so too but look what happened! Well... time will tell..

@ God's child.. I was so surprised myself... and yeah, he definitely has the looks... I think Jarry's overall appearance did not help much but I still think he was the best on Sunday.

Thanks GC for your advice as per teaching my daughter Kalabari. I will certainly try. I wish I had a Kalabari help.. It would have made things so much easier! I'll make do with just me and her anyway, a little everyday I guess! Welcome to blogging by the way and thanks for stopping by my blog!


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