Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There are times when you feel so good that nothing is gonna get you down.. on those days, it's not about the money (or lack of money) in your bank account, it's not about your looks, the car you drive, you job or even your future.. all you care about is the fact that you feel good NOW. A wise man once said, "Every once in a while life hands you a moment so precious, so overwhelming, that you almost glow" Yesterday, I had one of such moments... it was a long moment and it still makes me glow...

You see, I have only one Sister TD, the one I put up this birthday post for.... Now before yesterday, only my elder brother A knew about my blog, but he doesn't know it's name i.e. nyemoni or even the blog. My sis didn't even know of it's existence... Anyway yesterday, we got to sending mails back and forth and I happened to tell her I put up a blog entry on her birthday and she was wished well by my blogfam. Her response was:

Hey Imbra (means my sister in Kalabari)
U did not tell me what the responses were. Haba. How u dey sha.. I finally braided my hair again this weekend and look a bit cheerful and not miserable and like a begger. I have not retouched my hair too. The under growth nah die and u know they discourage us from using relaxer on our hair when we are pregnant here. So its all good. No wahala the date is (insert date here) so we are looking on to God.
Love ya and love to
(insert my daughter's name here).

I decided to humor her. In response, I sent her the link from that day's post as well as the responses to the link as can be seen here.. 4 minutes later, she responded with this:
Oh Lord this is might sweet of you and I'm in Awe. I bless God for givin you a Sis like you and I pray we are like this to death. I will cherish this for Life. God bless you. U make me 6 feet tall and more beautiful than I am.
God bless you. I am taking my drugs and I know my Child will Rock in Jesus name and for Jesus Love TD

Whoa! I felt so good to have made her feel good like this... I responded in like manner:
jeez....Whoa.. oh my! now I'm blushing! like really! LMAO! No wahala... so you have seen my blog? Interesting or no?
I'm glad I was able to make you feel good! It makes me feel good as well...And yeah LeRoy will ROCK You in Jesus' name!

It felt so good to make her happy cos I know she's been lonely and the pregnancy blues aint helping... it was really a moment that made me glow... Thanks to y'all who put up posts for my sis, may God bless you guys. I thank God for my sis, I know we're not perfect, but I wouldn't replace her with another -even if I could.

LeRoy is gotten from Archie® I used to read them comics a lot when I was pregnant and my sister and I were together a lot-(Hubby was getting his MBA in the U.S for the most part of my 9 months and even after delivery) Anyway, LeRoy is Veronica's cousin in Archie® and my sis decided to name my unborn LeRoy...male or female. Now she's pregnant so I call her baby LeRoy, i.e until she puts to birth..



Waffarian said...

Isn't it funny that the most times we "glow" are when we do something for somebody else and the person appreciates it? Awwwwwwww, good for you guys! sisters should always be there for each other! infact, i am going to call my sisters now!

Ladybug said...

Aww, how sweet! I'm really digging the relationship you share with your sister! I wish we could switch sisters, I dont think my only sister likes me much! :(
I understand your glow though. Good on you. Please keep her spirits up as she is alone in a far away land!
PS. Am I first? Cool!

Ladybug said...

Haba! waffarian, how did you post before me? Lol!

4wardnfiaca said...

that was so lovely. its nice to have ur sista be there for u. i'm sure even leroy is anxoius to meest the aunt who's putting smiles on his mom's face...

Jaycee said...

Lollllll...this is a very sweet post. He he...I used to read ARCHIE! I'm glad u made ur sister GLOW all over...

Calabar Gal said...

Talking about Leroy and Veronica brings back some fond memories.

Nyemoni said...

@ waffarian, seriously, we most often glow when we do something for someone, I think we all have an inherent desire to be needed by someone at some point!
@ladybug.. you are? I'm sure your sis isn't as bad as you say ;-) Thanks!
@4ward..Yeah, I hope so.. thanks for stooping by..
@ Jaycee.. The good 'ol Archie days..Tks..
@ Calabar gal..Imbra, It does for me too.. Tkare! ;-)

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

too cute..
i am glad for you guys

Vera Ezimora said...

Hey, why don't you put up a picture of your daughter? Or at least a picture of yourself...??

Nyemoni said...

@ IOI, Awww, thanks...

@ Vera are you kidding me? Of course, we have our pixs on the www, but they're just not linked to my blog... maybe we'll do tit for tat? ;-)

April said...

It's lovely that you made your sister feel good.

Meanwhile, I used to read Archie (and absolutely loved it too).

Nyemoni said...

Yeah, everyone loved Archie! Thx 4 stopping by....

Naijadude said...

You make me jealous eh! Now I am just thinking what kinda relationship I have with my siblings. But that aws real nice
And I am glad ur sister is doing good in lonely and quite Richmond Hill, I bet she doesnt want to get invovled in the hustle and bustle of Toronto, rather live in the sub...

I read Archie too...he he ;)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nyemoni,

I have a favour to ask of you - I'm dating a Kalabari girl and I'd like to be able to whisper some sweet nothings into her ear in Kalabari.

I've discovered that love is belema but I have no clue about how to turn that into an actual sentence like "I love you". Could you help me with a basic lover's dictionary in Kalabari?

Appreciate your help!


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